Sunday, November 15, 2015

Launch of Reading Chair Store- Lowest Book Price Ever!

Hi guys! It has been awhile since my last post. Hoping that everyone is in a good mood and enjoying their Sunday off. Today, I just want to formally introduce to you my blog's new feature, which is the shopping cart widget. Maybe some of you might have already seen it since it is already a week since I added the feature.

All the books that are presented in the shop are mostly my books and are on SALE (lowered price compared to my actual selling price). I actually have an online shop that sells my old books, but I also added it in this blog for my readers to be able to look at it and maybe be interested in buying one or two of the books.

Here is the catch of my book store. Initially only 10 books can be displayed on the store, so every 1st week of the month, the 10 books that are displayed in the shopping cart will be changed (price will revert back to its original price) with another set of 10 books on SALE price.

So visit our store now to see what's in STORE for this month of November. Happy Shopping!

For more information on how to use the shopping cart you can visit this page: STORE FAQ

Lastly, watch out this coming December, I might be selling bundles of books or launch exciting activity that will give you a chance to get a FREE book! Stay updated!

Until next time,

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