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Book Review #18- My Maid Invests in the Stock Market by Bo Sanchez

 Stock Market for Beginners- PH Edition
Book: My Maid Invests in the Stock Market
Author: Bo Sanchez
Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications Inc.
Date Published: 2010
Blogger Rating: 5 out of 5

Plot/ Summary:

Once upon a time, Bo Sanchez was a poor missionary who received an allowance of P30 a day. There were days when he couldn’t afford to pay for a bus ticket to preach in a prayer meeting.

But in 1998, he transformed his life.

Today, he owns 12 small businesses, all running in auto-pilot, because he spends 90 percent of his time still doing missionary work.

He also learned how to invest in the stock market.

And he has never forgotten the true purpose of wealth—to love others.

In this inspiring yet highly practical book, you’ll read the fascinating story of how he helped three of his house helpers invest in the stock market and build their retirement fund. He’ll tell you how he taught them the 5-envelope system. He’ll explain how he painted a clear vision of their future in their minds.

In this book, you’ll learn his “4 Rules to Making Millions Thru the Stock Market”.

Bo believes that you can retire a multimillionaire by investing in the stock market. Because if his helpers can do it, you can, too. (Goodreads)

Blogger Review:

A very easy to read and short book on how to learn about the basics of stock market and even how to prepare for it. Bo Sanchez had literally made a step-by-step guide about how to get involved in the stock market. The books explains why people should learn how to invest (the earlier the better) and how it will affect in your future finances.

Bo Sanchez's main message for the readers is that literally anyone can start investing in the stock market, even if your just a student for now or had just been starting working and in whatever situation you are now, you can make the small steps in investing for your future. His best example for this was he encouraged his maids and driver to invest for their future, so in short he wanted to tell the readers that if he's helpers can do stock market and so can you!

Even my brother, who is not a fan of book reading, had finished this book in a day! Actually I was totally surprised when he returned the book to me and telling me that he was enlightened on the idea of stock market with this book. So I can say that this book would be a great starting book for anyone who would wish to learn the basics of engaging in the stock market and even assess yourself if you are really financially ready to invest or should you start first in managing your finances.

Blogger Art:
Hand Sketch using Lamy Pen in Lamy Blue Ink
The drawing illustrates how I actually manage my finances, though I didn't learn this through Bo Sanchez (I learned it through my other personal finance book), but overall this is how he explained his 5-envelope system and my interpretation of the system. 

The 5-envelope system is actually just a guideline, it might work literally for some people  but you must also do some adjustments for your sake and convenience. 

*Update as of 8/14/2016: About Truly Rich Club

I've been very blessed to have come upon the Truly Rich Club.
Have you heard about it?
It's the brainchild financial advocacy of missionary millionaire, Bro. Bo Sanchez.
Here, he generously shares the strategies he mastered in Stock Market Investing and equips you to apply them wisely.
Honestly, I couldn't believe it when I saw for myself how my finances grew!
I want to pay it forward by making others feel blessed too.
That's why I invite you to be part of the Club as well.
To learn more, click the link below.

I know you'll be enlightened when Bo explains it more thoroughly.
Tell me what you think about it, too.

Thank you and God bless!

Until next time!

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