Thursday, July 9, 2015

Book Review #14- " Stupid is Forever" by Miriam Defensor Santiago

Book: Stupid is Forever
Author: Miriam Defensor Santiago
Publisher: ABS- CBN Publishing Inc. 
Date Published: December 3, 2014
Country Published: Philippines

Blogger Rating: 5 out of 5 

Plot/ Summary:
The book is a compilations of pick up lines, conebacks, jokes, one liners and some speeches delivered or curated by Senator Miriam Santiago. 

A very comical and full of sense of humor side of the author, being a known politician and a lawyer is what she is known for, and just recently she started telling jokes and pick up lines during speeches which makes her more exceptional. 

So she compiled all the words, phrases, lines and more making this "Stupid is Forever" book possible. Even at the end of the book you can also see the senator's very impressive and inspiring resume or CV. 

Blogger Review:
Surprisingly, I enjoyed this book. At first I expected this book to be cheesy or corny is some ways. But browsing through different parts of the book, I got entertained and not just me but also my officemates had also enjoyed this book. 

Actually this is the first book that I would be reviewing that I actually borrowed from someone else and even a recommended book by some of my friends. I really love it, reading through the book and every turn of a page has a certain surprise to it. 

I also appreciated the arrangement of the book, where it was divided in chapters/ based on categories. Like my favorite part which is the cheesiest part about relationship pick up lines. It is cheesy to the point that I cannot stop laughing whenever I'm reading it. 

I definitely recommend this book if you want to enjoy some light reading and just want laugh your lungs out. It is worth the time to read and I didn't regret that I read it. Hoping to also be able to have the opportunity to read her 2nd book which is already out in the market (had just saw it last sunday at Trinoma) entitled "Stupid is Forevermore" even the title is crazy.  

Blogger Art:

Sketching with Lamy Vista in Noodler's Ink Kiowa and Lamy Safari with blue ink on sketch pad. 

Looking for this book: 
National Bookstore- Php 175.00

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