Saturday, July 4, 2015

Book Review #13- "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferris

Book: The 4-Hour Work Week
Author: Timothy Ferriss
Publisher: Carmenere One, LLC
Date Published: 2007
Country Published: United States of America

Blogger Rating: 5 out of 5 

Plot/ Summary:
A book that would give you practical advice, giving you an insight on tried and tested case studies on how to escape the cubicle world and your usual 9-5 routine. To be able live and travel anywhere without thinking about the work that you have left behind and joining the society of the new rich. This is book is the blueprint for your freedom to do the things that you have always dreamed of and leaving hesitations in life behind. 

Blogger Review:
Recently I'm fascinated and curious about self-help books. Though I have old copies of different authors' self-help book, a hand-me-down copies from my uncle. I have never read one of it up until now. I stumble upon this book from a online shopping website hosting- (if I'm not mistaken). 

In that website, I saw him mentoring other users on how to do an online business and even hosting a competition within the web hosting site, on which I'm also currently doing online entrepreneurship. I wanted to know more about those things, so I decided to buy his book.

The book didn't let me down and it is a very good investment for me. The book discusses the following: Quality of work life, Part-time self-employment, Self-realization, Self-actualization (Psychology) and Quality of life. 

One of the thing that I remember about this book is Tim's suggestion on having short retirement in between your current job, to be able to enjoy fully what you have hard earned and accomplished in short amount of time. Doing the old fashioned retirement plan, won't secure you that you will be able to enjoy it or worse you might not be able to even use it because of unpredictable events, times and economics nowadays. 

Reading this book had pushed me to review what I've been doing now with my life. Asking myself... "Am I truly happy?", "Am I contented with who I am today? or do I need to further improve myself?" and many more. 

The book helped me solidify my perception and plan to study abroad to further widen my perspective and increase my knowledge most especially in the field of profession that I am affiliated (which is the field of Interior Design). Because for me, the best retirement plan for me is to be able to learn and discover more about things that I don't know and to know how other people form other countries work in our field. Also a bonus item to it is to be able to learn different languages from different countries. 

Category on Reading Challenge: A Very Funny Book
I'm very entertained by this book. This is a very funny book for me, most especially at the start to the middle of the book, because it were the Singaporean expressions were inserted in different dialects or languages that I can actually understand and relate to. Hoping to be able to buy the 2nd book soon. (cross fingers price drop pleaseeeee........)

Blogger Art:

Sketching with Lamy Vista in Noodler's Ink Kiowa on sketch pad. 

Sketching my would be dream in the future to be able to enter and qualify for a Master's Degree in the UK and be able to travel to Scotland, also be financially independent at that time. Praying and wishing it would happen :)

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