Saturday, July 25, 2015

Meg Cabot: The Princess Maker

This is a new segment here in Reading Chair. Author's Corner! I will be sharing about the authors that I have read. I will start with the author that had me start reading....... Meg Cabot, my favorite princess author! 

When I was still a kid, I never taught that I would be this addicted to reading books. My bookworm status had all started with Princess Mia! After watching the movie Princess Diaries, I was so hung up with the ending that I wanted to know more about Mia's adventure from a commoner to becoming a true princess. 

I love how Meg Cabot writes her books. Her POV styles or diary like approach in her Princess Diaries books are easy to understand and very entertaining to read, giving you a glimpse of the characters everyday life. 

Over the years, I have read many of Meg Cabot's books and I truly love it, which includes Princess Diaries Book 1 to 8 (I need to catch up with the series again, since the release of the Royal Wedding I wanted to read it again), Avalon High, Boy Meets Girl, She Went All the Way, Queen of Babble series, Abandon Series, and All American Girl. 

Meg Cabot attracts teens and young adults alike with her writing. Whenever I see her name on a book, I would really check it out. Hoping in the future, I might be able to also read her other books. Also wishing her great success and more books to come!

You can also check out Meg Cabot's Website, for more update regarding her books and upcoming book release!


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