Sunday, July 9, 2017

Book Review #22 -The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Bolton

Florence, Italy
Its been a while, a lot has happened since my last post (it will be almost a year, I think..). Currently, I'm in Florence, Italy getting my further study for my bachelor course back in the Philippines. Also this is the reason why I didn't post much last year, because I was to busy preparing for this trip that it took all my energy and emotions just to be able to make this work and be here in Italy and living my dream to be able to experience even just once in my life to study abroad. Now that I'm here it felt so surreal.

Anyway back to my come back book review after a year! A little personal story about this book, This is actually the only physical book that I was able to bring from the Philippines. Because I needed to bring other things needed for my 1 year stay here in Italy, that is why there weren't any pace left for my other books *emotional* but anyway its a good thing also for me. So that I can discover more books here in Italy's bookstores and be able to be forced to read and learn Italian books and language.

Every building/structure has its own story to be told...
Beauty is our own interpretation...

Book: The Architecture of Happiness
Author: Alain de Bolton
Publisher:Vintage International, New York
Date Published: 2006
Reading Chair Rating: 4 out of 5