Saturday, November 7, 2015

Behind Reading Chair

Reading had been my stress reliever since I started reading in my high school. (I know its somehow a bit late..) Before, I only read books, no more no less. Thus after finishing a book, it just sits in my bookshelf, because I am not a big fan of repeat reading, for some reason it doesn't appeal to me to re-read a book most especially fiction books.

Then after I took my board exam last October 2014, I decided to find new ways on how I can improve my reading skills and also be able to share my passion on reading to other people. That is when I started this website "Reading Chair". 
Different chair designs but are good chairs to seat in and read a good book + drink tea + doing some sketching

I wanted to challenge myself through my book website to read more books in various genre every year, so I also joined the Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015, in which my initial goal is 30 books for 2015 and as of now I have read 59 books already and still counting (there is still more than 50+ days to go before the end of 2015). I am very much pleased with my progress so far.
 I have also started reading different genre books, because for 9 years I had only been reading young adult (YA) and romance novels. I realized after reading self-help, finance, entrepreneurial, non-fiction and sci-fi books that I can actually read them and be more in-love in reading.
Yes! I am totally head over heals with reading. It had open up many learning opportunities for me like writing (I am not really good but I'm willing to learn) and acquiring new ideas and insights. Sometimes I even wish that I can just read and all day long and not think about anything, at most maybe I'm secretly wishing that someday my love for reading and this blog would be part of my everyday life, chronicling and sketching away every reading related things that I am doing.
I know somewhere out there, someone is reading this blog and hopefully it can help inspire them to read and be able to help them in their reading choices. I vouch from this day onward I will regularly post at least once a week to add more content on this blog. Lastly, I am very thankful to those readers who are reading this blog, for without them I wouldn't be inspired to write and last this long.

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