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Book Review #17 - Owner's Guide to Small Business Website by Lisa Spann

 Business Website 101
Book: Owner's Guide to Small Business Website
Author: Lisa Spann
Publisher: Constable & Robinsons Ltd.
Date Published: May 15, 2014
Blogger Rating: 5 out of 5

Plot/ Summary:

Nowadays many business around the world are starting to create their own website to catch up with the booming trend of advertising and reaching their target market through online and other forms of online media . Though some small business owners and starters are quite perplexed and fearful of the things that are accountable with setting up their own business website.Still they know that it is essential for them to start the website.

This book is a jargon-free and straightforward book is the answer to all small business owners nightmare in starting and managing their own website. It has even some real life case studies in trouble shooting some problems that you may face in creating your own website, also some tips in negotiating with a design agency or website developer. Lastly, it also includes technical terms and various references and links for additional information.

Blogger Review:

I saw this book at Book Depository's Book Bargain section at that time, it was actually quite a coincidence that I was looking for a book that is related about online business and websites. The book is truly a jargon-free book, it is easy to read and understand even though I have already some ideas about the topic. Though most of the things that she discussed in the book like SEO, Domain, Google Analytic and such were the few things that I wanted to know about and she had given a fruitful insight about it. 

If you are a neophyte in online business and wanting to create a website, try reading this book for starters. In this book, the author discussed about basic things about starting a website and even how to properly communicate with your website designer/ developer. She even added some legal requirements about starting up your own website. Also some tips and trouble shooting tricks on website pitfall and avoiding it in the future. In the later part of the book, the author even added her real life clients' problems with their websites and how she manage to help them.

Though I already finished reading the book, I still open it at times whenever I would need to refresh myself with regards to some terms and information in tweeking my websites. Lastly what I love about this book is how the book was organized. If you are looking for a specific topic, you can just browse its table of contents and look for its quite refreshing and easy to comprehend sub-titles.

Try reading this book, though I have noticed some readers didn't actually appreciated this book because the information were quite general as they say, but for me this book really worked for me to be able to fully comprehend the terms and other information about business website.

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