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Book Review #10- "The 6 Effective Ways to Transform into Extraordinary Worker" by Cesar Elan Gealogo

Book: The 6 Effective Ways to Transform into Extraordinary Worker
Author: Cesar Elan Gealogo
Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc. 
Date Published: January 5, 2015
Country Published: Philippines

Blogger Rating: 4 out of 5 

Plot/ Summary:
It is a guidebook for people who are just seeking for a job, or are currently working. But the book doesn't restrict it self to those but it can also be applied to employers and self- employed. This book points out how to discipline yourself and be efficient while working and be an efficient and dependable person. 

This book is  a compilation of many years of experience and observation to various workers from different institutions and workforce. Also gives insights, advises and ideas on how to become an extraordinary worker from being an ordinary worker. 

Blogger Review:
If you have read my previous blog post on Goodread, I have mentioned there that I got this book  copy from Goodreads giveaway. Overall the book itself is not only for people who are working as employee but also for the employer. 

A very good book in terms of knowing how to work efficiently and have a good working relationship and environment with your co-workers. I even pasted some stick notes and markers on my book, marking the highlights and the quotes that I like in the book. 

"Rest if you must, but don't quit." Based from a famous poem "Don't Quit"  (p.100)

"Love your job and your job will love you in return." (p.112)

" Be happy all the time, accept the nature of your job and perform your duty with utmost dedication. People who do their job religiously will also receive something in return even if you did not dream for it because that is the reciprocal law of nature." (p.186)

"You need to dream big so that everyday you will always be filled with much energy and enthusiasm." (p.263)

"Do not be boastful when you achieve something great, instead be grateful." (p.269)

"Turn every good and bad situation into a delightful moment and every step will be fueled towards the achievement of your goals and aspirations in life." (p.275)

Hoping to be able to read more books that is authored by a very inspirational Filipino. Maybe some may say that this kind of books are rubbish because they can't do the things that were being taught in the book, but for me it this kind of books are very inspirational and can be applied in real life in my own interpretation and how I will work all the teaching in my own terms. 

Category on Reading Challenge: A Book Based Entirely on Its Cover
The book is divided in 6 big chapters which discusses step by step phase on how to be an efficient worker and how will you further improve yourself in the long term. 

Blogger Art:

Hand drawn in pen and pencil, rendered in marker
(Please bear with me, still trying to figure out how to use the marker properly)

Looking for a copy of this book:
Central Books for Php 495.00 (Softbound- Printed Material)
- Metro Manila Branch
- Cebu Branch
- Davao Branch
Buqo for Php 200.00 (Ebook Material)

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