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Book Review #11-"Significance" by Shelly Crane

Book: Significance 
Author: Shelly Crane
Publisher: Createspace
Date Published: March 26, 2012
Country Published: Scotts Valley, CA

Blogger Rating: 5 out of 5 

Plot/ Summary:
High school graduation is a highlight of any teenagers life, the prospect of exciting future and festive college life. But not for Maggie. 

It all started when her mom left them for another family, leaving her father in deep depression and having her big brother working miles away from their hometown. The worst thing is that she had been dumped by her boyfriend for 3 years for a college football scholarship. Summing it all up made her graduation day miserable as everyone could imagine. 

Few hours after graduation she saved a college boy from near death experience, of which the boy named Caleb, would change her life forever due to an imprint. That ties their lives and fate together, finding herself in a more dangerous situation and revelation of the truth of her being. 

Would it be for good? or are they better be apart from one another?

Blogger Review:
If you are a big fan of Twilight series and so into Team Jacob, you would love this book series. Significance series is a more exciting book for me more than the Twilight series. 

I was very interested with the concept of imprint, the concept of fate that there would be a guy/girl, who is fated to love you forever and in whatever situation would always be there for you. 

I know for some it might be too cheesy or unreal. But I still believe in fate, that there is someone out there who is perfectly fit for you. Like in the book, they imprinted with someone who is fated to them and when they ascend (time when their imprint matures.. or somewhat like that) they are given special powers that compliments with each other power. It is as if saying they are better together than individually using their super powers. 

I would also like to compliment the concept of family in this book, that no matter what happens with one member of their clan, they are always there for one another, even if some of them are living far apart. They stick together and support one another. 

This is also the first book of Shelly Crane that I have read and I truly loved it. Hoping to read more Shelly Crane's books. 

Category on Reading Challenge: A Book Sets in High School
I don't really know if it is still valid to say that this book is still sets in high school. But technically the main characters had just graduated from high school and the story haven't started with them already studying in college or university. So maybe it is still valid (hopefully...)

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