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How does anyone track their to-be read books? or even find a book that is similar to their favorite book? Also how does anyone easily find the other books of the author that they love to read? and many more. These are all the questions, every book lovers faces before the entering of the world of Goodreads!

Goodreads is known to be the most biggest resource site for readers to read all about the book they want to read and also to get to know the authors themselves. It is like the Facebook of book lovers and avid readers. Once you register you will have your own page with news feeds from the people and friends you follow. 

You can also post book reviews and join their annual book challenge, if you are looking for more book adventure. There are actually many things to do in this site, these are some of its unique features:

This is my Goodreads profile page, you can see my newsfeed on the left and other widgets of the site on the right side
This is my Goodreads profile page, you can see my newsfeed on the left and other widgets of the site on the right side.

Goodreads connects readers to one another. You can see the books that your friend is currently reading. You might as well save the book that your friend is reading to your TO-BE-READ pile. The site is the best tool to track all the books that you want to read. 

Also the very nice thing about this site is that they have this feature-- BOOK RECOMMENDATION. Book recommendation feature is more on recommending to you some books (maybe 4-5 books at a time) based on the books that you have registered in you READ book pile. 

You can see here my currently reading books (above) and the recommendation feature (below)
They also promote reading groups, so that wherever you are in the world. You can find and know other readers from around the world, and also communicate, share experiences and do some activities with them. They have a wide range of categories for their groups and can easily search the group that you can relate to.

This is the Goodreads Group page.

Lastly, the very best thing about this site is that they have this GIVEAWAY page. That they give advance copy to anyone who would like to have a copy of a certain book that is featured in the page. The people who do this giveaway are mostly the authors and publisher of the book. You just need to register for the specific book giveaway, then wait for the closing and choosing of the winners. 

I'm one of the fortunate ones to have received a book from the giveaway page. I won a copy with his signature from a local author here in the Philippines, 
The book on the left side is the copy that I had won from Goodreads giveaway.
"The 6 Effective Ways to Transform into Extraordinary Worker" by Cesar Elan Gealogo
Overall, Goodreads site is the run-to-website of every book readers, book lover and avid readers around the world. Hopefully this site would also help you enrich your reading capacity and widen your book perspective. 

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