Thursday, June 25, 2015

Online Book Shopping: Better World Books

Hi fellow Chaireaders! I'm back again, sorry for missing out for a week, been busy with my freeelance and finishing the 4th installment of Outlander: Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon with 1070 pages :) *whew!*

Anyway moving on to my topic for this week, I want to share my another experience on books bought online with free shipping worldwide:) last April I featured Bookdepository, which is still my best option for buying new books online. 

Now if you are looking for used or 2nd hand books in excellent, very good and good condition plus be able to help the environment and to even help promote literacy worldwide. Try Better World Books, This is an online bookstore based from Mishawaka, United States of America. 

"Better World Books uses the power of business to change the world. We collect and sell books online to donate books and fund literacy initiatives worldwide. With more than 8 million new and used titles in stock, we’re a self-sustaining, triple-bottom-line company that creates social, economic and environmental value for all our stakeholders." 

They clearly have Environmental and Social Mission, which makes it more interesting. To read more about Better World Books- About Us. They get their books from book drives and donations from universities and college, also from public libraries. On their site you will also see the condition of the book before you purchase it. 

Their website has a very fresh look to it and very easy to access. What I love about this site is that on the upper part of the site, they indicate real time numbers of Books Donated, Fund Race For Literacy and Libraries and Books Re-used or Recycled. It makes them legit in any level and any ways. 

I bought 1 book last April 28, 2015, I just bought the very cheapest book that I saw and would like to read for sample purchase to see whether they really deliver for free worldwide like Bookdepository. The book arrived June 1 ,2015 (23 working days), not that long of a wait considering the book came from the US and been shipped to the Philippines. 

The only difference of the arrival of the book from Bookdepository and BetterWorldBook, is that for Bookdepository the book itself is delivered at our doorstep, while for BetterWorldBook, I picked it up from our local post office and to pay P100 for processing and storage fee. Still the experience is quite alright and to be able to buy a book at the same time help other people is a fulfillment for me and very satisfying experience. 

This is the letter of notice that I received from the Quezon City Post Office, I really want to be the one to get the book personally and get the experience of getting something from the post office but unfortunately due to my regular work it is not possible, so I requested someone from our household to get it for me. It only took maybe 30 minutes to process my package (told by our driver).

 This is the packaging of Better World Books, the package itself clings to the book for it to be secured and lessen the damage that the shipping may cause. The package is tightly sealed and had not been opened, thankfully :)

 Here I got the receipt from the post office and the book that I bought, which is in good condition and the receipt.

Overall, I got a very good experience with Better World Book and also with the Quezon City Post Office (I included the post office, because I read so many articles that they got bad experience with the local post office, hopefully some opinions and experience may differ ) I/m actually excited to purchase again from Better World Books, to be able to help raise funds for Literacy Cause and Environment Mission. 

I really wish that there would also be a company here in the Philippines who would do this kind of advocacy "Selling Books for Literacy". If I ever encountered a company who would actually do this, I would really support it no matter what. Book Pledge for Literacy! 

Until next time, 


  1. awtz.. bakit may bayad??? sa book depository wa;a eh. Ill understand kung marami ang binili mo pero alam ko kapag isa lang wala ka dapat bayaran na kahit ano.

    1. Meron po eh. Parang storage fee nila sa Post Office. Yung Bookdepositroy ordered books kasi delivered sa mismong address. Yung sa Better World Books hindi, kailangan i-pick up sa post office

  2. So the QC post office sent you a letter of notice to remind you to get the book from their office?

    Also, did you order from their website directly (Better World Books) or from Amazon?

    Thank you!