Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Adventure, New Challenges

This 2015, I started my year with adventure. Adventures that hopefully help me widen my knowledge and help me be more independent in the future, not just from my family but also in other aspects as well like spiritually and financially also.

I love challenging myself, I feel like it gives me purpose in living this world. Also I love discovering and learning new things. So that is why I pressure myself to do these challenges to further improve and to learn my purpose.

The following are the challenges that I accepted (eventually to be able to push through the rest of the year.... crossed fingers) for the Year 2015! Wish me luck!

1. Reading Challenge 2015 
- it was posted by

As of now I have officially done almost 5 of the categories. I do this challenge together with challenging myself to write a book review for every book that I have read. I have posted 4 book reviews already starting last January. 

To read my previous 4 book review: Book Reviews from my previous personal blog. But from now on I'll be posting my 5th book review and the next in this site to be ale to easily organize my book reviews and thoughts for hobbies and recreation. 

2. 52 weeks Money Challenge
-This challenge is made to help people to control their finances and be able to save up money at the end of the year. Also to establish long term good habit when it comes to money and finances. I saw this challenge from a local blogger, she made a local version of the 52 weeks challenge, so it was much easier to comprehend and easy to follow. I also made my own version of the 52 weeks challenge, the good thing about this challenge is that you can make or pattern your own chart to follow through the rest of the year. 

Though I forgot the which site I saw the post. I just happend to searched the original site of the challenge, so here it is.... 52 weeks challenge

and last but not the least......

3. Goodreads Challenge 2015
-This challenge helps avid readers or even just a regular reader to set a goal in reading their books for a year. I set my goal for this challenge- to read and finish 30 books in a year. As of today, my recent read list is 8 out of 30 books. Goodread Challenge 2015

This challenge is also entirely connected with the Popsugar Reading Challenge, but the difference is the Popsugar challenge, give the Goodreads Challenge a more difficult twist because you would need to find the books that can fit every category on the list, while the Goodread challenge only requires you to acheive you Read Book Goal. 

Hopefully I would be able to make my year more memorable than the year before. Good luck to me! 


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