Sunday, January 18, 2015

Book Review #1- "20 minute Manager: Managing Projects" by Harvard Business Review Press

I initially started my Reading Challenge for this year last Friday night, I started with this category..


The book that I read is all about Project Management, the book is initially about an overview on how to tackle projects on how to manage and work with other people. Actually the book itself can be read as fast as 20 minutes, but I actually read it for several hours. This is a good book for starting freelance artist, interior designers (like me), designers, architects, engineers and many more that do more of a project base works. It is a step by step guide for beginners. 

" 20 Minute Manager: Managing Projects" Published by Harvard Business Review Press (2014)

Also the book includes charts, tables and other illustrations in making and lining up your timetable and scope of works. 

I bought my copy of this book on Relay at Changi Airport Singapore, when I went there for a 6 days vacation. I haven't check locally if some bookstores are selling this book, but in Amazon site they sell this book also. 

Looking for a copy of this book:
Amazon  $11.65
Bookdepositpory (Free Shipping Worldwide) $8.61
- Wordery for $11.68
with this I'm hoping to read and travel more on my reading adventure :)


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