Saturday, September 3, 2016

Financial Literacy- My Top 3 List of Financial Books for Starters (Philippine Edition)

It has been more than 2 years since I started learning and reading about personal finance. I decided to learn about it because I don't want to just spend my money with things that aren't important and that I want to maximize the potential of my salary/ earnings.

I started my personal finance education journey through personal finance books in Philippine setting so that it would be easier for me to do the recommended actions by the books. After reading more than 5 books on personal finance I have made my own formula or steps in successful money management. Which is SAVE - PROTECT - INVEST, these are the steps that I have followed through the years and it had help me significantly with my financial management.

Now I'm 24 and I already started investing in the stock market and maximizing my profit for my future retirement and future family. At first, it is really hard and time consuming to divide your salary every payday, to know how much for the utilities, everyday expenses and savings, but at the end of the day you would always fee enlighten because your have properly managed your finances. There is no better time than now, to start taking charge of your finances and maximize its potential.

So here are my top 3 list of financial books for Starters (Philippine Edition): The following books are short, easy to understand and light read books to start your personal finance journey.

1. Kasusweldo Palang, Ubos na? (Book 1) and Kontento ka na ba sa kaperahan mo? (Book 2)
by Vic and Avelynn Garcia

2. Keri Mo Yan Series: Keri Mong Maging Financially Free and Debt Free by Chinkee Tan

3. My Maid Invests in the Stock Market by Bo Sanchez

Hoping that I was able to inspire you to make the change and start learning about personal finance.

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