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Book Review #16: "D'01" by Sassy Flova

Book: D'01
Author: Sassy Flova
Publisher: Buqo
Date Published: July 27, 2015
Blogger Rating: 4 out of 5

The book is bundled under Buqo YA Bundle 2: Sweet Compilation, but you can also find the stand alone book in Buqo App. 

Plot/ Summary:

Kat Arcanghel, a college student in her rebellious phase, made a promise to herself that the person who will see her freshly inked tattoo will be her prince charming. Sticking to her promise might be easy as it sounds, but then enter Alech Crisologo in the equation, to which she was attracted to since 1st year college. However, she keeps denying the attraction and instead believing that they are not meant to be together because he is the son of the mayor and a playboy. 

Then one day, their phone got switched and Alech opened her phone gallery and accidentally saw the photo of her tattoo. Will Kat count the incident as a sign that they are meant to be together or will she just continue to ignore her true feelings for him? When fate itself is working is creating the opportunity for them to get closer to each other.

Blogger Review:

The book was a review request for Bookbed, as a contributor in the book community I volunteered to read 1 of the local books available in our request list and I chose "D'01" by Sassy Flova.
The story itself was not as predictable as I was expecting and very refreshing, most especially diary part, which I will not elaborate further fearing that it may spoil other soon-to- readers of the book. I love how Sassy incorporated the local Filipino terms and described the things about Ilocos Norte and its culture, she had written it flawlessly. My most favorite part of the book is the tiny point of view part of Alech, you would really know his character through that POV. How all the misinformation and gossips had played a part in the fate of this two characters. Also the very informative thoughts behind the gifts that are mostly given to a person were very interesting. 

At first, I was irritated with Kat’s bitchy attitude towards Alech. I was somewhat asking myself mentally while reading “Did I miss some part of the story? Why is Kat irrational with Alech?” but towards the end I actually understand why she was acting that way, though I still think her attitude was a bit over reacted. Also I was a bit confused with the ebook, I was having a hard time distinguishing the present scenarios and the past reminiscing part of the book.

Overall, the plot of the book is very interesting and refreshing for a young adult genre book. I really love how the writer incorporated Filipino ideals in the book. Also Kat and Alech are very cute couple indeed, their unique love adventure had made an impression to me and both of the characters are very unpredictable when it comes to their attitude and overall character visual. 

This book had convinced me to read more locally published books, the combinations of creative story plot, well researched information and great writing makes it more commendable and reflects in general how our local writers write their books. Hoping to be able to read more books with this kind of creativity and somewhat educational at the same time. Cheers to Sassy Flova!

Blogger Art:

For this book, I chose to draw the purple teddy bear with butterfly wings of Kat, which was named Beatrix (if I'm not mistaken), and dressed in D'01 basketball jersey of Alech. Added some floral theme to the background to make it sweet and alluring. 

Manual Drawing using Pen and Ink, Rendered in Watercolor and Colored Pencil 

Looking for a copy of this book:
Buqo  for Php 90.00


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