Friday, August 21, 2015

Busy Bee

It has been already a month since my last post. I've been busy juggling my time with processing my papers and reviewing IELTS for my ultimate plan next year, to hopefully be accepted in a university for my postgraduate studies in the UK. *feeling hopeful*

Recently I'm more keen on reading than writing and drawing. My to-be-reviewed books are already piling up to 11 books now. Though I'm getting busier recently, I still managed to buy more books and somehow it had become my coping mechanism in dealing with my busy schedule. It is better than stress eating, which was my previous bad habit in the past (college years). 

My recently read and bought books...... * I need to control my spending habits now*

My current works and update:
- Currently busy with my application for UK and IELTS review. 
- Joined the book review on to-be-released books sponsored by Bookbed (will be my priority to-be-reviewed book for the month of September)
- Currently reading: Convert Every Click by Benji Rabhan, Echo by Lorena Glass and Write Here Write Now by AA Patawaran (I know reading too many books at the same time is a bad habit, but the thing is that it works for me to continually read the books and not get bored easily and not break my momentum in my current reading habit)

I will hopefully be posting a new book review in a few days *hopefully be inspired* 

Until next time

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